Top Tips For Dating Asian Girls

Today we have some top tips for dating single Asian girls! There are many extremely beautiful Asian girls and they can make very fine, loving partners. However, it would be a mistake to think that they are all the same. Many western men think that the term “Asian” refers only to Chinese and Japanese beauties, but in fact, there are over forty different nationalities and ethnic groups.

There can also be variations even in the same nationality. For instance, if you take the Philipinnes, where there has been a lot of mixing over the centuries, you will find that some of the girls have a Japanese look, while others are more Spanish looking.

Asian beauties are likely to be much more gentle than their western counterparts where the women want to wear the trousers. In general, they are brought up to respect their menfolk, but that doesn’t mean that they are completely submissive. They need handling with respect and understanding. Never try to rush things.

An Asian girl will want to get to know you before she starts dating you. She has also been brought up with respect for family, so it will help considerably if you can get to know and like her family, especially her parents and siblings.

Asian girls also have respect for masculinity. They like their men to be strong and independent, so you must never come across as needy. They like a man who is well-educated, so it will help if you have had a strong education. It will also help if you are computer-literate and have a few high-tech gadgets. A cool phone or a tablet will impress.


In addition, Asian girls appreciate good manners. Simple things like opening a car door for them, helping them on with their coat, or holding the door of the bar open and letting them walk in first, will be appreciated. Fifty years ago, western women appreciated things like that, too, but in their quest for losing their femininity have all but forgotten about them. One of the major attractions of Asian girls is that they are truly feminine.

She also likes a man with a sense of humor. That doesn’t mean that you need to be a comedian, but being able to laugh, especially at yourself on occasion, helps.

It is also good if you appreciate her native cuisine. Asian singles who have become westernized will, of course, eat western food, but when she is at home with her family, they will cook traditional dishes.

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Whatever you do, don’t try and rush her into bed. If you come across as only interested in one thing, you will never get anywhere with an Asian girl. She needs some good, old-fashioned wooing and romancing. Be courteous at all times. Buy her flowers. Show an interest in her hobbies, even if cross-stitch is not high on your list of priorities.

You will find that there are some gorgeous Asian beauties on dating websites like However, as with any online dating site, it is not unknown for a few girls to post misleading photos, or even photos of someone else instead. A very good tip is to get her on a webcam as soon as you can. This works both ways, so she can see you also.

Asian beauties can be extremely gentle and loving, and at the same time a lot of fun. Treat her with respect. Don’t rush her. She can make a fine partner for life.


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