Looking to date Asian Singles? Here’s what you should know!


If you are really serious about dating an Asian single then you need to get rid of a string of stereotypes. First of all, shrug off the notion that Asians only hail from China and Japan. Asia is a country with around forty different nationalities. Some of its countries themselves are a potpourri of variant cultures, religions and ethnic groups.

It wouldn’t really be advisable for you to unwittingly bring up these glaring misconceptions when you are interacting with asian singles.  It is always advisable that you avail a few tips on dating an Asian before getting on board.

Dating an Asian: What you should know

  • Conversation

Your ability to carry out a meaningful conversation will definitely be one of the most important factors governing your relationship with your date. So, make sure that you are playing your cards right there. You don’t really have to be fake but make sure that you aren’t too succinct to put someone off saying something like “I’m what I’m. Take it or leave it.” This is almost a stereotype amongst those who want to impose their honesty on their potential dates. Don’t thrust anything on the other person. Give him/her time to find out what you actually are. Here are other tips which you should follow while communicating with your date:

  • If you do not actually know from which particular Asian country your date is don’t take wild guesses— it can turn out to be offensive— so instead of asking something like “Are you from Japan?” Ask “Your face has a very unique touch to it— where are you from?”
  • Don’t end up saying that you have dated many an Asians before (at the beginning)—even if you have done that— that might end up making the other person feel resentful or jealous
  • Asians give high value to people with intellectual pursuits and enviable academic credentials—your communication should ideally reflect that



  • Profile

If you are communicating with your Asian date over the internet then make sure you’re getting the conversation on webcam as soon as possible. There are various Asian women who are inclined to date foreign men but end up putting up fake profile pictures on the dating sites to impress people. So, make sure that you are brooking no such hassle. If you see that she is avoiding the entire webcam thing then you can be rest assured that she has much to hide.

  • Other tips

Keep your basics in place. Politeness, chivalry, proper manners and the overall ability to converse are qualities that are appreciated by one and all—be your dates are asian singles or not. Asian women, in particular, are in love with “gentlemen” with a tinge of boyish charm. Think of what all the Hollywood heroes bring to the fore. Don’t try to emulate them blindly, but their ways of impressing their ladies on screen can definitely be a reference point.


  • Conclusion

Asians, in general, are very attached to their families. So, under no circumstances should you try to turn him or her away from his/her family. That’s only going to drive a wedge between the two of you.


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