Is It Simple to Woo Japanese Beauties being a Gaijin?

36Whether you are someone living in the leading-edge state of Korea or you are just a resident of the ‘City of Skyscrapers’ New-York, if you have a strong fondness for beautiful Asian women, then the glam-sham appeal of Japanese women will never miss your attention.

The good news, especially for American men is that Japanese beauties always have a soft spot for people from the West. Intercultural relationships are mostly hard nuts to crack and being a westerner interested in beautiful Asian women, especially Japanese, there might spring-up real complicated situations at times.


Having said this, it is also true that Japanese women make lovely loving partners and family for life. Whenever you meet Asian girls next, especially Japanese, follow a few good tricks and you can bag her trust and interest for sure.


  1. Talk like a gentleman – Conversing with Japanese beauties can be extremely dicey, the reason being that these sober women are very shy by nature. This is where your ‘Gentleman’ character flows in. Talk to her but make sure she is comfortable to reciprocate back. Never ever try to act flirtatious and over-smart in front of Japanese women, particularly on a first date. This can ruin your chances to impress and take her into confidence forever. Instead give her enough room to take decisions and express her mind.
  2. Use your smarts – ‘Non-verbal clues’ – a very common thing with Japanese beauties. Since they prefer not to communicate everything straight-away, there are a few reactions and non-verbal clues they usually express. You need to be witty enough to get a hang of those clues and continue things as per her choice.

Meet Asian girls and the best of Japanese beauties at and put these valuable tips into practice. Prepare for a beautiful relationship ahead because your desire of getting hitched with a chic and dainty Japanese woman is just a cakewalk.





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