How Do I Make Asian Singles Fall in Love With Me?

11 (1)If you’re interested in dating Asian singles, you need to read this: you may be making massively offensive cultural mistakes without even realizing it! Since Asian women are traditionally very influenced by their cultural roots, they have a certain way of seeing the world and their relationships with men.

This means that you could completely blow your chance with an Asian woman without even knowing you’ve done something wrong!

Rather than read sleazy pick-up guides or ways to force Asian singles to fall in love with you, here’s the real way to genuinely develop a real, trusting relationship while using Asian dating sites.

Be a Gentleman

The first place you NEED to start when using an Asian dating site is to be a gentleman. Some sites will say you have to “be mean like a man” and “treat her poorly at first – Asians love this!”


No. Wrong. And gross.

Be a gentleman, and never be a creep. Be honest, humble and confident. Since Asian women usually love self-deprecating humor, being cocky will only make it harder to date Asian singles. Instead, try to jokingly show humility when she compliments you.

Remember never to lie, either. All lies are discovered at some point, and you’ll lose a lot of face when she (and her family) learn about past lies or boasting.

Respect Her Culture

One of the biggest mistakes when dating Asian women is to accidently (or intentionally) insult her culture. It doesn’t matter whether she eats different food, practices a different religion, or has some other big difference. Always be respectful of her culture and keep an open mind. Never say phrases like, “That’s a strange way to do it!”

Sometimes cultural differences are a good thing, though (why else would you be looking for Asian singles instead of those from a different culture?). For example, conservative Asian women freely give compliments and are very loyal. Learn to enjoy and respect cultural differences, and you’ll end up being much happier in the long run.


Become Genuinely Interested in Her Life – But Don’t Get Creepy

Like women everywhere, Asian women like men to show genuine interest in their lives. However, when you’re dating online, there’s a fine line between “interested” and “creepy.”

Generally, here are some good guidelines to follow:

  • Don’t start a conversation with an Asian women by using a cheesy or demeaning pick-up line; try beginning with a genuine compliment or question instead
  • Ask about hobbies, interests, dreams, goals, and other things that are important to the Asian women you meet
  • Ask follow up questions and try to find something she wants to talk about
  • Don’t send too many messages without getting a reply
  • Never become insulting or mean if a woman doesn’t reciprocate your interest

Don’t Be Too Pushy

One of the cultural differences between dating Asian singles and girls from other cultures is that many Asian women don’t like it when you’re too pushy or try to go too fast.

For example, in many Asian cultures living together is basically like being married. So if you’re dating an Asian girl, don’t expect to move in with her as fast as you would with an American-raised girl.

Start Asian Dating Right

If you’re looking for a woman who is kind, smart, loyal, fun, and beautiful, dating Asian singles online is the way to go. You just have to know what to do – and what NOT to do.

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