Eastern Holiday for Asian Singles


With summer just around the corner, it is time to think of a fun, get away from your daily routine and going out to see new places.It is such an exciting experience to know what’s on the other side of the globe.Add the prospect of traveling solo since it does not diminish the adventure.


In fact, without any encumbrance, going solo gives the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people, forge friendships that will last a lifetime and perhaps an asian date along the side.

With this mindset, you are prepared to undertake eastern holidays that will take you across an orbit of stimulating and fantastic cultures, enriching your aesthetic senses by viewing some of the most beautiful ancient temples of the world, relaxing along pristine beaches and savoring exotic foods.

Borneo, the 3rd largest island in the world, is divided into Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia. Its landscape is teeming with virgin rainforest and scattering of white sand beaches with Mt. Kinabalu, the highest peak. Take a peek at playful orang-utans in the famed Sepilok Sanctuary.

Discover the mysterious land of Burma and get to know its remarkable people. Although the country is continually in a state of political turmoil but visitors are warmly welcome.
Cambodia’s shameful Killing Fields in the past is redeemed by the grandeur of Angkor Wat temple and its friendly local who are proud to share their awesome jungle scenery, extended white beaches and colorful, crowded local marketplaces with visitors.
Against a stunning landscape, Indonesia has a hodge-podge of cultures blending well with the exoticism of the East. It is a beautiful country – featuring the magical island of Bali, dotted with flamboyant temples, green rice paddies, the brooding volcano in Lombok, the busy island of Java and the mysterious wild highlands of Papua. Who knows you may find asian singles along the way?


Although Laos is seldom a destination for tourists but it exhibits an unspoiled glimpse into life in the region. One of the most enchanting destinations in Asia is the beautiful town of Luang Prabang which boosts of stunning architecture, an incredible setting and a peaceful atmosphere.
The vibrant traditions of South East Asia are merged with the 21st century in Malaysia with its colorful culture and modern technology. The bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, crowded streets of Chinatown and Penang with its pretty colonial architecture, a graceful atmosphere and find some of the best dining places.
It is difficult to compete with the sophisticated island city-state of Singapore that lies at the end of the Malay Peninsula. At first glance, it appears like the facade of a 21st century high-tech city but within is a strong blending of Malay, Chinese and Indian traditions. Experience the city by attending one of its many festivals, partaking its excellent cuisine, and enjoying an inexpensive meal in one of the many stalls along the street that offers delicious local food.

Find the ultimate tropical island adventure in the Philippines. Enjoy its idyllic beaches, gaze at the grandeur of the Banaue Rice Terraces which is considered as the ‘Eight Wonder of the World’ and witness explosive volcanic mountain scenery. You have a never-ending activity in your agenda plus the opportunity to meet filipino single women who will show you the true meaning of hospitality.
Thailand offers all the stunning scenery and a tropical paradise combined with the colorful South East Asian culture. You have the option to stay with hill tribes in their villages of north of Chiang Mai, then explore beautiful islands on the Gulf of Thailand or head into the jungles of Khao Sok. Bangkok is a lively city with so many beautiful women – your asian date is just waiting for you.

Vietnam has beautiful deserted beaches, the magical rock formations of Halong Bay, the abundant, steamy rivers of the Mekong Delta and sublime mountain peaks. Saigon is a city that oozes with energy 24/7, and its capital Hanoi exudes special charm where colonial buildings of the past are overlooking avenues buzzing with motorbikes. Fulfill your fantasy of seeking the one for you in asian singles.
Your eastern holiday for asian singles is an odyssey to new places, exploring new culture and making friends. And last but not the least it is about finding an asian date after meeting filipino singles. Experience novelties and keep memories that last a lifetime.


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