Asian Women Have No Option To Marry An Oversea Husband

If an Asian woman can marry a awesome man in Asia, then she will not find a foreign hubby in America, Europe or Australia. In most of developing Asian countries like the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, there is class difference between the poor and the wealthy.

The wealthy class usually will not marry the poor class. It is too hard for poor folk to move up in the civilization. Most of the rich individuals have good hook-up with the government so they can work and be successful in their business.

The poor Asian women commonly find other ways to move up and get successful, particularly marry an oversea partner to transmigrate to the West so they can work and make great money. Every year, there are significantly more than 3,000 Vietnamese new brides who come to the United States by matrimony sponsor from their husbands. Most of these hubbies are Vietnamese Americans or Viet Kieu USA who came back to their neighborhood and married these girls. In the Philippines, the number of marriages between Filipino men who live in the West (Pinoy) and local Filipina ladies are higher than the number of Vietnamese ladies who married Viet Kieu. Most of these women are below-averaged class who want to move up. Of course, Chinese brides who come to the US through marriage sponsor are the most.

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There are some great and terrible stories between these unions. Many young Asian women are prepared to accept the old husband whose age about their father’s age. Some breathtaking and alluring single women in Asia accept ugly and old Asian men who live in the West mainly because their goal is to come to the West to live. After they come to the USA, Canada, Australia or other European countries and became the permanent resident, they file a divorce. I think about 30% of such partnerships are broken after they came to the new nation. Another reason is that most Asian men arrive back to their hometown and just marry perfect and young girls so they are matched from the public point of view.

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Back to our subject, the majority of Asian girls can’t line up a good man there. If she could possibly find a good husband in Asia, then she won’t leave the country. A good man can be defined as a man who love her and can help her family. In this case, she has a hard time to find that man because most of higher classes of men won’t marry the poor ladies. Most of these rich men think the poor women are gold-diggers so they won’t marry them. They want to find the wife whose is similar to theirs about material things. This is another reason that Asian ladies have no option but find a husband overseas.

Asian Women

An Asian woman is seeking a foreign husband who can help her parents and siblings. There is no way she can find such a good man in Asia who can do that. She must immigrate to a developed country so she can work and make money to help her parents, brothers and sisters.



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