A Gift From The Gods – Dating Asian Women

Statistics and Globalization favors it; 8 Asian countries feature in the Top 20 list in terms of population, so it stands to reason that sooner or later you will be exposed to Asian dating. As more people travel and as we are exposed to other cultures Asian women seem to be gaining an almost cult like following when it comes to finding life partners.

In the next 10 years Asian-Western marriages and dating will be an established norm as more and more western men are looking into those doe-eyes and discovering the pleasures of Asian dating.

When two cultures come together there is bound to be some friction and this is especially true when it comes to Asian Western relationships. These are two cultures that are vastly different from each other; think Game of Thrones meets How I met your mother. But, plenty of people are discovering that with a little effort and consideration such friction can be overcome paving the way for an immensely satisfying physical and emotional relationship.

Though nothing beats life lessons learned by actual experience and mistakes, we could all use a helping hand once in a while. So, in the name of helping my fellow man here are a few pointers that you should keep in mind while exploring Asian Dating. Keep in mind however that we are not trying to build stereotypes. Asian women like any other ethnicity are individuals and should be treated as such.

  1. Feminine:

Asian women value and take pride in being feminine. Most Asian cultures attach a great value to the womanly qualities and Asian women know that the being feminine and beautiful is what gives them leverage over males.

We can debate all day about the pros and cons of vanity however the truth of the matter is that any discussion on vanity is vain. Women like being sexy, they know they will be desired and pursued if they look beautiful and Asian Women are no different. So, don’t expect an Asian woman to be boisterous, loud or physical and keep this in mind while planning dates and activities.


  1. Play the Man:

Asian society is still categorized by strong gender distinctions where males and females are supposed to play different roles. Of course this is undergoing a rapid change as more women are pursuing serious careers however anything that has been practiced for centuries will have a profound and long lasting mental effect.

So, though Asian women are increasingly stepping out they are hard wired to appreciate and be attracted to men playing the stereotypical male. It is because of this that most Asian women are attracted to men with money, power or both. If you don’t have a job, don’t expect to date many Asian beauties.

In most Asian societies men are the traditional bread earners and even though women can now match and outshine men in the workplace they still appreciate a successful man. It’s more about conforming to established social norms and patterns.

  1. It’s all in the Family:        

Asian households are still rooted in traditions that revolve around family and family values. Do not expect Asian women to rebel or act in ways which might bring disrepute to their family. Family and family name is extremely important to Asians and every action is evaluated based on how it will affect social standing and family repute.

Dating Asian women can be adventurous but don’t expect them to be impulsive or raucous and if you are dating an Asian women expect her family to get involved in a few months. Gaining the approval of her family should be very high on your list of priorities if you are serious about an Asian girl.

Asian Dating_Dating Asian Women

  1. Curiosity and Open Minded:

You would be forgiven to think that most Asian women are born under the Gemini sun sign. They have very different personalities outside or in front of strangers and acquaintances and inside the house or with loved ones.

The shy Asian woman that you are dating can be positively raunchy in the privacy of the bedroom. Though their cultural values expect them to be docile, Asian women are extremely adventurous and curious in setting where they know that they are not being judged. This can lead to some delicious possibilities if you make the effort of earning her trust.

As they often say, “Open you mind and the possibilities are endless”. Dating Asian women can be a joy on so many levels. They are probably the most caring of all, being brought up with values of caring and taking care of the family and the icing on the cake? Most of them are excellent cooks.
So go out and have fun, all women make life worth living, Asian women are just a tad sexier!



  1. i have always found many Asian women to be mesmerizing! I love how young and healthy they look throughout their years. I love the daintiness , and how they take care of their hair , hands, and feet; painting their nails and keeping their skin so soft! Ahhhhhh!!

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