7 Reasons to Date a Filipina

Whether you’re planning a trip to Asia or just browsing an online dating site like AsianDreamDate, there’s a good chance you’re having trouble deciding where to start. Will your personality and tastes sync best with a trendy Thai girl, a loyal Chinese woman, or a loving Japanese beauty? While there’s really no wrong answer to this question, we’re here today to help you make an informed dating decision by highlighting seven of the greatest advantages to date a Filipina.

  • Very friendly and warm

The Filipino people are generally very welcoming towards everyone, foreigners included. They’ll be eager to share insights into their culture, introduce your to their cuisine, and make sure you’re having fun, especially if you show an interest in their way of life and a willingness to try new things.

Some can be very shy about speaking English with a white person, but don’t confuse their reserved nature for rudeness. They’re actually very open and interested in American, Canadian, and European men.

  • Take care of their man

If you grew up in the West, you may not be prepared for the lengths your new Filipina girlfriend or wife will go to please you. Most will insist on cooking for you, whether it’s a traditional dish from her home country or one from yours. She’ll scrub the dishes without complaint and keep your laundry clean and smelling fresh. It’s one of the major perks that makes Asian dating a no-brainer.

  • English speakers

Most schools in the Philippines require their students to learn English and place a great amount of emphasis on learning the language. The younger generation will possess speaking and writing skills anywhere from passable to near-perfect.

If you do decide to further enhance your Asian experience by learning Tagalog or one of it’s many dialects, you’ll be thrilled to find out that they use Latin characters, unlike most Asian languages. Tagalog also has a huge Spanish influence, even directly borrowing many of it’s words.


  • Great genetic diversity

While visiting the Philippines or searching through the members of AsianDreamDate.com, you’ll probably notice a lot of variety in the appearance and features of the Filipinos you see. You’ll find their characteristics range from very Asian to a more Latin or even European look, owing to their lengthy colonization by Spain. Many have full, luscious lips, especially compared to their Asian cousins.

Skin tones run from very fair to a dark, sun-burnt brown while encompassing every imaginable shade in-between. No matter what your preferences, there’s something for everyone in this wonderful country.

Asian beauty

  • Conservative dating culture

It may not seem like it if you’ve only been to the foreigner frequented areas of Manila or Cebu, but the Catholic culture of the Philippines leads to a much different dating scene than what you’ve likely experience in the Western world. It’s not uncommon for attractive young women to maintain their virginity into their early-to-mid-20s.

Asian singles here don’t “play the field”, and those who are sexually active have a small partner count, usually just one to three. PDA or public displays of affection, outside of hand-holding, is also rare.

  • Feminine

If you enjoy brunettes with long, flowing hair, you will not be disappointed by the typical Filipina. The bobs and pixie cuts which have become so prevalent in the West are almost non-existent in the Phils.
The women there are humble and defer to their man. They’re affectionate, fun, and prone to fits of giggling, while their silky soft skin and delicious scent will keep you coming back for more.

  • Short and slim

As a man of average height in a Western nation, you’ll likely be one of the tallest people around in the Phils. The girls often struggle to break five feet and are usually not much more than a hundred pounds soaking wet. Despite their petite size, they manage to be curvier than some of the other Asian women in the area, with round, firm butts you’re sure to appreciate.



  1. Just discovered this site. I wish I had done years ago as I have been in Philippines nearly 80 tines now.
    I am almost 54 now and will retire soon and planned to move in Ph for long time..Now, I will make the move.

    Merci beaucoup…


    1. Hi!
      80 Times???
      I agree that Philippines is a great Country, i try to travel there every 2 years myself.
      Where do you want to move in the Philippines?

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